Saturday, September 29, 2012


On this page are 031bmx-related items for sale. Right now it's not too much, but be aware of what future brings! 031bmx custom cars, anyone?

031 / SC Collab Shirt

2011 031BMX / Soulcycle Collab T-shirt. Printed on American Apparel Summer T-shirts. Available through Soulcycle.
€ 19,95
031 2010 T-shirt!

The 2010 Shirt! Only left in size Small and colour green.
€ 15,- € 10,-
031 Tullip T-shirts!

The first ever 031bmx shirts! Design by Sven Franzen. Lime or Purple.

How does this work?
To make an order, please send an email to describing what you precisely want (item, colour, size). You'll get an reply informing you about availability, shipping and method of payment. Thank you!