Monday, December 05, 2011


The term 031bmx has been around for quite some years and has been used by different people, however, it wasn't until late december 2008 when things really started to get going. As of january 2009 this place has been a home port for Dutch bmx'ers. The right place to get to know the latest stuff. New skateparks, events, latest videos, maybe some new photographs? You'll find out about it on, usually with a wink or a witty remark. Besides keeping the blog we're trying to get some other things off the ground aswell. We organise our own events and try to get interactive through the web by launching design- and a video-contest (which still needs to have an prizegiving party by the way). Sometimes it's hard for the team to find the time to keep things rolling, but we'll manage and appreciate your appreciation! Hope you can appreciate that ;-)!

The minimal costs of keeping this place up are covered by Soulcycle and Burnside, for which we are grateful (and you should be too!). We want this website to remain clean of silly advertising, but that means we are on a supertight budget at all times. Any overhead costs are paid for by the revenues from our little shop. All earned money somehow goes back into the Dutch bmx scene right away! That means we won't keep a single dime for ourselves, but that doesn't matter. We're not in it for the money, we're in it for the smiles. And if you're happy, we will be too!

Mark Niesink

Mark is the initiator behind 031bmx. It was him who launched the first version of the blog back in 2008. An interesting move, since Mark didn't really seem like the typical nerdy webguy. This Oss-local loves to ride his freecoaster bike, swim and hang around with the Zeeland locals whenever he isn't occupied by work. He's a good motivational force for the team!
Lennard Gols

Lennard is the Deventer local! Some of you might recognize him from working at Burnside. Lennard is also the main force behind the yearly 031bmx contest at his local skatepark. As of 2011 Lennard works with the bmx shop Soulcycle in the communications department.
Brendan Oerlemans

Brendan was approached by Mark right after the launch of the first version of the blog to 'have a quick look at it'. Well, he honestly thought things looked like shit back then and immediately took things in own hands. Ever since he has been doing most of the web lay-out related stuff and his fair share of posts. Apart from that he likes to takes photographs which you might see on here every now and then or on
Quynten Stroop

Quynten is the lastest addition to the 031bmx-team. As of january 2011, right after the 2 years existence of this website, you'll see him posting bits. Before this time he already was a great contributor with lots of movies, an awesome custom 031bmx bunnyhop bar (you might've seen it at the BMX BOK 2010) and some other general ideas.