Wednesday, June 08, 2011

AM to PM trip? #2

0:45 We are all chilling outside after the bbq at the formula one hotel in Dunkerque. To start straight with the facts: We rode the indoor skatepark in Lille today and Desmond hung rear wheel up on a big flair, sending him over the bars to flat. He jumped up and said this could have been so much worse! It could, but still after a few drinks didn't do the job, hospital it was. Two torn ligaments in his elbow... explaining the pain that luckily all went away with the cast he has to wear for a little while…all with the knowledge he pulled a big clean flair on the big quarter seconds before the slam.

That being said lets go back to the morning. To be honest it started great the second? day of the trip. As promised I am keeping a daily journal in my little notebook that just said I ate a whole chicken together with Boy in front of the Carrefour. In the meantime Barry and Chille Daan went to get all the bread and breakfast you can need including beers, and a bottle of Jameson for Boy for using his creditcard to book the hotels, or maybe because it also started to rain again…

After breakfast we went to check out the Pull-in store in Lille! Met up with Julien Mangoose (big up for the family in the making and all the love). Julien made a phonecall to the skatepark and made and arrangement for us to ride the park of the previous sick ECDC contest ran by Arthur Dietrich, who also is Teammanager at Pull-in. Needless to say its nice to ride this park completely empty instead! We all rode that inside but Caine got some quality time in between the rain and rode the skate plaza outside. And the moves... wait for the footage. Really looking forward to a sunny day to rock that shit in the sun. And that is tomorrow.
Its pretty hard to write this now on this picknicktable with all the crew boozing next to me… Desmond is in the cast, as we speak he is smiling out loud, making his dancemoves with the cast. The spirits are high ready for the next day, we'll go again to portugal in the winter.

For tomorrow we got Dunkerque street coming up. That sums it up. We are having a blast all the love from the crew!