Thursday, June 16, 2011

Skep op vakantie

Voor velen bekend, maar misschien voor de jonge mannetjes een niets zeggende naam. Dennis Keunen a.k.a. Skep plaatste een fijn stukje tekst op zijn facebook die zeker even het lezen waard is. Dus bij deze. Steijn Leijzer, we weten dat het Engels is, dus je hoeft het niet per se te lezen.

Words can't really explain the time i'm having on and off my bike right now here in Toulouse France @ La Source trails and house Moldavie.The locals are great and these trails are by far the best I've ever ridden in all my years of riding! THIS IS TRAILS!! We Dutch bmx (trail) riders can really learn a lot from this committed group of French friends! My riding improves with big steps every day. I've got four out of the five lines in the pocket so far and it was awesome to learn such technical lines with berms going in every direction followed by hip after hip with jumps in all sizes and shapes. And they flow so smooth that doing (big) tricks is unnecessary and adds no extra value. Plus making it through these lines is a mission on its own. It's a rollercoaster ride for you and you're bike, awesome!!! Things are gonna change for sure at our home trails when we get back home haha! Today is a day of rest, so just chillin. Tomorrow last day @ La Course and on saturday we head for a bmx-jam in Bordeaux with some new made friends. After that it's off to Montpellier. A little bit more than a week to go :D. Anyway; Let the Good times Roll and Ride&Smile!!! Brabant Box from France. Grtz from the Skep!